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CritterBase is a user friendly software program for animal caregivers who want to manage their images and all information on the animals in their care, medical information and notes. CritterBase also includes a contact module. There are no limit to how may animals you have, each will have a designated record with all the informationthat you want to keep.

You don't have time for data entry? CritterBase makes data entry a snap. The program automatically tracks and updates all information pertaining to each animal, photo or movie clip, and finding just the right photo or movie is a breeze with CritterBase's easy to use internal search feature.

How To Purchase CritterBase...

Check out some of the features below. Click on any image to enlarge.

The Animal Module is designed for speedy image data entry with ease of navigation, search, and sort functions.

The Animal Module will maintain all information (History) on one or more bunnies.

Without any extra data entry on your part, CritterBase automatically tracks all medical, and historical information on every animal, and will print the information with ease.

The Media Module is designed for speedy image data entry with ease of navigation, search, and sort functions.

CritterBase has many time saving features. For example, if you have several photos that have similar information, just enter the information once. With the click of a button, CritterBase will duplicate the record thereby speeding up the data entry process for all the similar records.

The Contact Module lets you maintain information about your vets, family, friends or even clients.
Each of the CritterBase Modules let you view records as a list. This example shows the Media Module List.
The CritterBase Help Feature is context sensitive, comprehensive, and easy to use. Just click the question mark button wherever you are, and you will see help on how to use that screen. Help can be printed.

System Requirements For Mac or Windows

For Mac OS X - Apple G3 or higher (no G3 upgrade cards). 128MB of RAM. Hard disk drive. Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later.
For Windows - Pentium 300MHz or higher. 64MB of RAM for Windows 2000. 128MB of RAM for Windows XP. Hard disk drive. Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4), Windows XP (ServicePack 1).